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Our Real Ale and  Wine Taste Guide:

White Wine, Red Wine, Rosé and Sparkling

Please feel free to peruse our extensive wine menu. You will see a range of white wine, red wine, rosé and sparkling wines. As well as our wine, we also stock a range of bottled beer and ciders as well as your favourite spirits or soft drinks for the non-wine drinkers or designated drivers.


White Wines

White wines use the standard sweetness scale and are labled 1-5. 1-2 is off dry with your medium white wines coming around the 3-4 scale which is the most popular category. For those who enjoy a much sweeter white wine, then 5 is the bottle for you.


Red Wines

Red wine uses a similar scale but is looked at for full bodiness and the richness of wine. The scale uses an A to E system. A red wine is usually light and fruity, B to D are your medium bodied wines, packed with flavour and again is the most popular range. E are your very hearty, robust wines which pack a huge punch in flavour.



If you are uncertain about any of the wines on the list or would like recommendations as to which wine will best suit your meal, please ask a member of our staff when ordering your food and they will be happy to advise you.

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